Our Services

Security Audit and Consultancy

is the type of services that can be offered by experts & well experienced individual, the generated report will conclude the total security & safety efficiency level that can measure the probabilities at hand. It will certainly guide companies to established concrete policies and procedures that will help them to run their operation effectively.

Private Security Deployment

refers to field personnel that possessed license to exercise profession (LESP) issued by the PNP-SOSIA, they are the agency’s important assets that focused to establish protocols, implement security policies that can deter, deny, impede and eradicate security risks. Primarily these are agency personnel are also the representative of the agency to every contracted clientele.

Safety and Security Instrumentations

refers to the deployment of systems to the three (3) aspects of security which is the Physical, Personnel and Information Security. It is considered as the most important aspect of security wherein the use of barriers and Human integrates in one purpose – Total security of one’s establishment.

In-House Training

refers to different modules that emphasize specialized subjects By industry, particularly in the security and safety. This type of training will furtherly enhance awareness And knowledge of the attending participants whether he/she is a practitioner or not

About Saint

Security Agency and Intelligent Network Technology, Inc. (SAINT) is a security services provider that advances an innovative technology but patterned on an immemorial paradigm of sentry duties. The mantra is one of the corporate’s distinction and contribution closing-in the gap between and among human systems environment, physical security resources and information systems challenging the security industry. We at Security Agency and Intelligent Network Technology, Inc. (SAINT), Incorporated bring you a resilient security systems technology under its proprietorship a.k.a. “The Sentinel Security System Protocol or shortly as S3P” conceptualized by experienced professionals from different industries and competencies. Security Agency and Intelligent Network Technology, Inc. / SAINT’s primary objective is to provide security services and align current technologies committed to secure life and property overcoming the radical transformation of outlaws in a rapidly modernizing world. We at Security Agency and Intelligent Network Technology, Inc. (SAINT), Incorporated proactively employ different strategies at numerous levels of security threat and vulnerabilities which are lodge also at different platforms; physical security/safety and access restriction, data theft denial and network malwares detection, etc. Cognizant to these risks at different forms ranging from active surveillance and environment monitoring, our expertise as assessed is rightly positioned to deter and prevent sinister plans in a technology-driven environments. Much have been witnessed or heard of their capability and expertise such as robbery in band, sabotage, arson and act of terrorism and among others depicting a deliberate menu of operation. Not to mention also several syndicated groups who resorts to everything but aimed primarily to gain a full access to your establishments, domicile and business interest. Security Agency and Intelligent Network Technology, Inc. (SAINT) services will conquer and prevail over what our client’s are expected from us. Security Agency and Intelligent Network Technology, Inc. (SAINT) has the transformed strategies to protect its clientele and deal with the new era of lawbreakers. Under the headship of subject-matter experts (SMEs) hailing from diverse fields —Information Technology, Military Service, Safety Practitioners and Private Security Agency Management — it stands-out on the forefronts of a new brand of security services. Security Agency and Intelligent Network Technology, Inc. (SAINT) have combined years of experience and professional expertise for a portfolio that secures people, properties, mission- critical installations, valuable assets, and vital information on a heightened level. We at Security Agency and Intelligent Network Technology, Inc. (SAINT), Incorporated as our private security offerings shall sit on the platform of professionally-trained security agents who can intelligently handle any form of threat; to well-equipped and educated security personnel in preventing and securing client welfare; to advanced tools and equipment to secure perimeters, facilities, and properties in the area of responsibility; and lastly to an innovative approach in safeguarding information for audit and investigative purposes. Security Agency and Intelligent Network Technology, Inc. (SAINT) seeks to maintain the welfare of its clients and add value to their respective businesses through the provision of excellent customer service.