April 2, 2017



 Security Audit and Consultancy

is the type of services that can be offered by experts & well experienced individual, the generated report will conclude the total security & safety efficiency level that can measure the probabilities at hand. It will certainly guide companies to established concrete policies and procedures that will help them to run their operation effectively. Below are the following services offered by SAINT under Consultancy:

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Threat Assessment
  • Security Survey (Report only)
  • Emergency Crisis Management Plan
  • Surveillance
  • Investigation
  • K9 Units Deployment
  • Armored Van Transport Services

Private Security Deployment

simply refers to field personnel that possessed License to Exercise Security Profession (LESP) issued by the PNP-SOSIA, they are the agency’s important assets that focused to establish protocols, implement security policies that can deter, deny, impede and eradicate security risks. Primarily these are agency personnel are also the representative of the agency to every contracted clientele. They are classified as the following:

  • Area Security Managers
  • Area Supervisors
  • Detachment Commander
  • Assistant Detachment Commander
  • Shift in Charge Officer
  • Head Guard
  • Stationary / Fixed post guards
  • Roving / Mobile guards
  • Internal Guards
  • Perimeter Guards
  • Immediate vicinity civilian guards
  • Surveillance guards
  • Civilian Agents
  • Security Agents

Safety and Security Instrumentations a.k.a. “Systems and Technology Deployment”

refers to the deployment of systems to the three (3) aspects of security which is the Physical, Personnel and Information Security. It is considered as the most important aspect of security wherein the use of barriers and  Human integrates in one purpose – Total security of one’s establishment. Below are the different types of security instrumentations being offered by SAINT.

  • Design and Installation of Command Center
  • Access Control
  • Perimeter (Physical Security Barriers)
  • CCTV Cameras (wired, wireless, remote and integrated)
  • Alarms & Sensing devices
  • Security Traffic Systems
  • Parking Security Systems
  • Face Detection systems
  • Protection of sensitive information

Managed-Data Services

  • Security and Surveillance Recording, Alerting and Reporting
  • Cloud Data, Asset and Inventory Systems Management
  • Physical Asset Monitoring, Alarms and Warning Systems
  • System Logs Protection, Intrusions and Detections

In-House Training (Specialized short courses)

refers to different modules that emphasize specialized subjects by industry, particularly in the security and safety. This type of training will furtherly enhance awareness   And knowledge of the attending participants whether he/she is a practitioner or not. Below are the following courses offered by SAINT to its valued clients.

  • How to conduct security survey effectively
  • Security Reporting
  • Building security and safety (to include signs & symbols)
  • Emergency response (w/ signs & symbols)
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Leadership Training
  • Investigations (Security and Safety)
  • Intelligence and Surveillance
  • Hotel and Casino Security and Safety
  • Retail Security
  • Campus Security
  • Industrial Security
  • Latest Modus Operandi Awareness Seminar
  • Criminal activities awareness (minimal to harmful)
  • Other related