May 19, 2017

In-House Training (Specialized short courses)

refers to different modules that emphasize specialized subjects by industry, particularly in the security and safety. This type of training will furtherly enhance awareness   And knowledge of the attending participants whether he/she is a practitioner or not. Below are the following courses offered by SAINT to its valued clients.

  • How to conduct security survey effectively
  • Security Reporting
  • Building security and safety (to include signs & symbols)
  • Emergency response (w/ signs & symbols)
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Leadership Training
  • Investigations (Security and Safety)
  • Intelligence and Surveillance
  • Hotel and Casino Security and Safety
  • Retail Security
  • Campus Security
  • Industrial Security
  • Latest Modus Operandi Awareness Seminar
  • Criminal activities awareness (minimal to harmful)
  • Other related